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Got laid off, got laid off again, currently working as a contractor, not enough money, had to move in the middle of getting laid off for the second time, someone close was stupid enough to get __ to _ and is currently in ___. That just reminded me of a sci-fi story I read many, MANY years ago. Can’t remember the name or the author, but one of the key plot elements was woven around what will the world be like once there is no more oil. And we can pay for carbon sequestration either xcritical scammers as a government program payed for by ordinary taxpayers, or by regulations/taxes/penalties imposed on fossil fuel companies. Since all of their competitors will be faced with the same costs, they can safely raise their prices to cover these costs and not lose any customers. Recognizing that you often need rose-colored glasses to see silver linings, I’d like to think that 2018 is a year in which the people who need to fight all the shit that is happening began to wake up.

But the climate is not managed like a normal resource. I see humanity’s situation as something similar to someone who has a big, interest-bearing loan to deal with. We can either start xcritical official site making some moderately inconvenient monthly payments right now, which means most of us will live, or we can make one big payment fifty years from now, which means most of us will die.

The countervailing problem is that it suddenly lets people know that their lives are cruel shams propped up by a bizarre system that may well include resource exploitation, violence, oppression, and so forth. Since we generally feel like we’re good people trying to be normal members of society, this almost inevitably leads to furious denial, as it has for the last 500 years. From the point of view of an individual protester, the price of diesel is personally more important problem than climate warming. We humans are unbelievably bad in long range planning. There are signs that, in the UK at least, the young are realising that we have taken the wrong path.

I’m not sure I see any kind of “plant-warehouse” as being ultimately profitable unless the plants are very, very valuable. Economic growth is a complex thing, not easy to define, and evolves over time. Available workforce is certainly an important component of it but there are others, like productivity resulting from mechanization/ automation, international trade and the like. The ideal situation IMHO is to be able to grow everything in stacked sky scrapers under LEDs and let farmland revert back to wilderness. Replace livestock farming with fake veggy meat like the Impossible Burger and meat grown in vats from stem cells.

I’m sorry SR, but the burden of proof is on you here to demonstrate that these famines really did happen.Well, I can’t really present you with evidence if it was wiped off the records before any electronic memory devices existed. The question is if there’s any records about the trade and demographics for that period surviving that would indicate the amount of damage done. Because as for famine of USSR, there aren’t much available (only “estimations” that are constantly pulled back and forth), and “millions of innocent lives” are definitely pulled out of 3rd Reich Truth Ministry. To Ioan @771So you’re telling me that 10 different Western European governments hid a famine within their own metropoles out of deference to a small distant power ? You seem to miss my point entirely, I again have to say that I was talking about Eastern Europe, which is historically rich on farming. What is being denied is completely ridiculous suggestion that people were deliberately killed by famine as if it is some climate weapon or something.

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But they are, so to say, far from the only people in the world. Meanwhile, Corbyn hasn’t been jailed for leading an opposition party, and Theresa May hasn’t outsourced the beating up of homosexuals and lesbians by adopting the EDL into the Young Conservatives. Neither Milliband brother got “shot to death in a robbery gone wrong”, and journalists who attempt to expose corruption don’t mysteriously get dead by the dozen. Hasn’t invaded and annexed Ireland or Normandy, claiming historic imperative. Then incited and supported Breton separatists, started a Civil War, and sent the Army off to fight there while denying it.

  • There was enough of other underground movements, not in the least degree nationalistic and their “friends” from neighboring countries like Poland, Finland and even middle-Asian countries.
  • “These numbers, anyway, don’t match the demographic slump in the developed countries of that time, which are visible with naked eye – which is what I pointed out several times already.”
  • If the rate of deaths was 0.2% of the population annually in the 1920s, and rose to 0.25% in the 1930s, then the extra 0.05% would be considered surplus deaths.
  • An EA is a program in the platform that executes coded strategies for algorithmic trading.

With trees if you lose them you’ve lost 2-5 years assuming you can replant immediately. And as the growing zone moves you can move with it (the wheat belt in Western Australia is exactly described by the two isohyets marking the minimum and maximum rainfall required… as that moves so does the area cultivated). Medieval wheat was a lot shorter than ancient Egyptian wheat, for example. Farmers have been selectively breeding for increased yield for a long time, and reducing the size of parts of the plant we don’t use was part of that.

That’s not just theoretical fear-mongering; one of my authors has documented this risk in Japan . And scientists often forget to look at the whole picture or collaborate with researchers in other fields to consider off-target effects. Eastern Europe has all but eliminated the poverty introduced after the fall of the Soviet Union. Central Asia hasn’t fared as well, but the Belt and Road money has pushed living standards in Uzbekistan to India’s level, and Kazakhstan is possibly a developed country these days? Latin America has equivalent living standards are now about the same as China. I’ve already given the links in previous threads for that information. Forex Broker Review ( – Suspected

Common outcome of not getting regular medical check-ups because of expense is that folk wait that whatever they have will go away on its own. Okay sometimes and for some self-limiting conditions. I spent a decade working in Northern BC driving the very treacherous logging roads in all conditions. 4 wheel drive is largely a marketing gimmick, with minor benefits. Front wheel drive is more than adequate and resolves almost all the issues that 4WD claims to address.

  • My take going forward is that we’re going to get a clue in a highly non-linear fashion, culminating with the 2030s dieoff of the baby boomers and Gen Xers to get us troublemakers out of the way.
  • As we see with the fallout from China no longer accepting plastic waste, it’s actually the least relevant.
  • No, CFD trading is not at all advised for you when you are new at trading.
  • An automated strategy places trades quicker than a human and can be programmed based on any rule-based strategy.
  • In the UK , we have the record of ‘strategic services and products’ being let off regulatory hooks (see also whitroth #698).

They expect to have the site cleared by 2026 if I read the slideshow text correctly. The problem is that I like both potatoes and mangoes, as well as a whole pile of other things that need incompatible growing conditions. It’s true that most of my diet can be grown within 100km of where I live, but that’s only true if you consider each resident of Sydney independently. The city as a whole consumes more food than can be grown within 500km (admittedly half that area is sea and we don’t do aquaculture very well at all). The entire point of kbs three is that glass, copper, and clay are all inert with regards to water over geological time.


Possible solution is to locate your garden in the basement since you’re going to be using LEDs anyways. LED lighting – it is possible to have multiple ‘bulbs’ cycling on and off throughout the ‘day/year’ to best mimic the optimal light requirements. On a global scale this could work really well, but it requires a different politics than the one we have now. So rather than mine Australia’s artesian water to grow crops and lug them to the other side of the world, you pave Australia with solar generators and ship the electricity to the “grow den” in London or New York or wherever.

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Nukes can also use off-peak KWh to electrolysize water to create enough hydrogen to create a hydrogen fuel cell economy that avoids the chief problem with batteries as energy storage. Even the best rechargeable battery wears out over time and will no longer take a charge. Disposing of these batteries will be a major toxic waste disposal problem. So will the disposal of PVCs, which also wear out . Because credit was limited, people had trouble financing new businesses.

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They are cold-climate, regular rainfall plants, anyway, so Australia is not a good place for them . In contrast uranium was a scientific oddity with no commercial use other than as a ceramic glaze. Radium extraction was carried out using pitchblende as the orebody, in part because it was easy to identify as a raw mineral. It’s mostly uranium oxide and it’s likely the uranium residues would also have been dumped locally too but the quantities would have been much less than the tin refining residues and uranium is a lot less harmful than arsenic, of course. It’s almost as if some moderately smart and competent folks have considered how such a project might be carried out, timescales and costs and such. As I recall, the opening salvo of the green revolution were to prevent lodging by breeding dwarf varieties, not to optimize output by jiggering with the proportions of the plants.

But that works for society because in the end come divorce or death, or sale of some item, we have laws that take the uncertain quantum states of ownership and pretend there is a real resolution. Famously, that resolution of property ownership is often what causes families to stop getting on. Rangatira, and rangitiratanga both were and are really important parts of Maori culture. And when I lived on a BlackFoot reservation in the Canadian far north some quite different notions applied. Neither of them working at all like “chieftanship” is described above – they didn’t “own all the stuff” as part of their “office”. Luckily, the Dems have Congress, and they’ve already started with bills to fund the government, and in the Senate, filibustering any bill that does not fund the government.

We are happy to tell you that xcritical, however, isn’t one of those. Their operations seem near-flawless so far, and there aren’t any credible complaints about them. So if you’re a trader from Australia or New Zealand, xcritical might be just the broker for you. The demo account provided by the broker and the education material offered and an integration of these two can make any trader a trader of class and profit earning.

After all, the Plains Indians managed to make it work, and bison are far better suited to that landscape than cattle are. One problem you don’t seem to have considered is the amount of fuel required to power these plants. Not a criticism here, as I don’t know the answer to how easy it will be to double the amount of fuel that must be provided.

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